Tone Method

The tone method is a simple way to send healing or send detrimental energy a long ways off. In a group it is really powerful. The way you do it:

First you should be standing and looking in the direction you want to send the energy.

Second , hold your hands down near your sides , palms turned out forward. Using an OMM or AHH or any one you like, move your hand up
slowly saying OMM or AHH in the scale getting higher in tone as you raise your hands. When your hands reach the high point, say Go or if you
are sending healing say HEAL:. Do this 3 times. 

Now to use this for detrimentals, Before you start ask that all the detrimental energy go to another dimension and never return for this piece of property. To use for healing, State what is wrong with the person or just be aware of it and then do your routine. 

Does it work? Yes It does. When Marta and I were teaching down in Arkansas this February, We were teaching this routine and the class knew that I had had a virus on my legs for over 20 years and had been to many doctors and had other healers work on it.

They decided to send healing to me, so they all stood up and directed the energy to me in the healing mode. Did it cure it all? No, but it is 90%

better and is still getting better every day. I don't feel energy like some but I could feel that. 

I try to teach this in all our classes. We learned to do this from a fellow from Florida years ago, at the ORI conference. He wasn't even a speaker. He was, just like me, there to learn. He showed us that and we found out real quick this does work. To remove a nasty zone from a home stand on the outside wall looking away from the house and preform this while standing on the zone, or straddle it. Sounds weird but it does work. 


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